Orwell + Austen

Orwell + Austen is a luxury British cashmere label specialising in classic designs with a playful, contemporary twist. Founded in 2012, the brand's philosophy is to create wearable, simple - yet special - everyday pieces from high quality natural materials. 

All Orwell + Austen's pieces are hand made in Nepal using the finest quality natural fabrics. The brand works collaboratively with a small family run produced, in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal, who specialises in creating hand woven pieces using traditional techniques. 

Through combining the skill, expertise and craftsmanship of these Nepalise artisans with modern, stylish silhouettes and designs, each Orwell + Austen piece is to be loved and cherished forever. 

Our Founder Says:

"We truly respect Orwell + Austen's roots in ethical, quality production, and love their beautifully fun yet sophisticated designs. The quality is fantastic and every piece is a effortless statement. I know I will be wearing my Bowie jumper to death this season!"

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