the-Bias-Cut Christmas Gift Guide - Scarves & Clutches

I don't know about you, but we think scarves and clutch bags make the best gifts! They are both useful and beautiful and with this stunning collection of unique pieces we are sure you'll find something they'll love!

POM Amsterdam's hand-drawn designs are featured in this collection of light and heavy weight scarves. Each one is inspired by a different place ranging from the City of Amsterdam to the Galaxy itself. We have also selected some of our favourite 100% wool scarves by Claudia Meller, featuring colourful Kaleidoscope style designs that are sure to impress!

Clutch bags are a girl's best friend!  The Bell & Fox pieces we've selected add texture and shine with metallic prints and 'pony' leather. We have also featured our favourite clutches by VVA by Sarah Haran which range from: large scale zebra prints to add some attitude or a subtle chevron effect for a more classic look.

These accessories elegantly complete any look: day or night.

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