Our Values

Founded to tackle ageism in the fashion industry, everything we do at the-Bias-Cut.com is led by a strong set of values and beliefs centred on inclusivity, quality and sustainable slow style. We source stylish, contemporary independent womenswear labels with a unique point of view.  All our garments and accessories are made of beautiful quality fabrics and materials, and are designed to be loved and last for years.   We do not support disposable fast fashion, and our collections are designed to transcend seasonal trends. We are proud to support and champion small, independent labels, who in turn, are committed to fair and ethical manufacturing processes. Together we believe in reducing waste, and adopting a sustainable approach that only has a positive impact on communities.

We advocate inclusivity in fashion, and are proud to have become known as a pioneer of age-diversity due to our unwavering values and Ageism Is Never In Style® campaign.    A love for style doesn't fade with age, but our lifestyles and our bodies often do naturally change. So we curate our collections with this in mind, ensuring our garments are flattering and versatile without compromising on modern style.   At present, the majority of our garments are available in sizes UK 6 - 16 (US 2 - 12 / EU 34 - 44), and we go up to size 22 (US 18 / EU 50 in select styles).   Limited size options is a fashion industry wide issue, and we only work with labels that share our values of quality, sustainability and age-inclusivity. We have successfully encouraged labels to offer a wider range of sizes, but we know there is still a long way to go, and thank you for your support and patience as we continue to push for more size diversity in the industry.

Our models aren't professional - they're simply our customers and friends of different ages, shapes, and sizes. We take extra time fitting all our garments on different sizes to ensure we offer the most flattering cuts and most accurate sizing advice possible. As a result, our return rate is 1/4 of the online average for similar online fashion retailers.


Online shopping often lacks personal customer service. But not at the-Bias-Cut.com.  As a small team, we are committed to giving you the best, most enjoyable shopping experience possible. You can find detailed sizing advice and styling suggestions on every product page and, all orders are hand-wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon.   if you'd like any further support or advice we'd be delighted to help. Simply drop Jodie a message via the pop-up in the right hand corner of the screen, or give us a ring on (+44)2034882452.