#StoriesOfStyle: Prue Leith Discusses Her Style

As you know, we're on a continuous mission to lift your spirits during these difficult times. And with that in mind, I'm delighted to introduce our new series: #StoriesOfStyle. We'll be sharing videos, interviews, photos and more as amazing women talk to us about their personal relationships with their wardrobes, hopefully both bringing a smile to your face and inspiring you to keep embracing your style even when stuck at home. 

I'm absolutely thrilled to kick off #StoriesOfStyle with the one and only Prue Leith! 

I hope you enjoyed watching Prue's video as much as I did; in recent years she has become a Style Icon, widely recognised for her love of colour and bold, statement jewellery, so it's lovely to discover the story behind it and how she personally interprets what she chooses to wear. And I think it's fabulous that she regards her jewellery as sometimes 'vulgar' - whilst I personally wouldn't agree that it is, it illustrates her playfulness with fashion and her confidence to wear what she likes.

However, in particular, I love her discussion around colour. Today she's our Queen of Colour but, as she acknowledges, this wasn't always the case. How many of us can relate to feeling like we should only wear safe and muted pallets? And yet how many of us would love to wear colour but are too afraid to do so? Well, as Prue proves a confidence to wear colour isn't something you're magically born with; it can develop. 

As I've previously discussed, wearing colour can have a positive, transformative effect on your mood and confidence, so if you'd like to dip your toe into the colourful water, give it a go. Even if you've typically stuck to a toned down pallet, just like Prue that shouldn't stop you from introducing colour into your wardrobe now. It doesn't have to be big - you can start small with accessories and build up from there. And as your confidence grows, undoubtedly so will your love of colour - plus I bet you'll receive more compliments than ever before! Just think how much you admire it when you see someone else wearing fabulous colours. 

So if there's one thing we can take from Prue's video it's this: don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Let your style evolve over time, and embrace that journey. Because ultimately style is about having fun - and who knows, maybe you'll become a style icon just like Prue! 



  • Posted by Viveka on

    Love the way she uses colour! I am 65 and I feel the same about colour and jewellery.
    I orten get compliments by woman and theysay them would like to be as bold, but them are afraid.
    I Aldo have purple hair but in a stylish way, i think. Love from Sweden.

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